MOSAIC Student Communities


Please make sure to check your leasing contract for which furnishings, if any, are supplied for by Mosaic Student Communities. In order to get you started in personalizing your own individualized room, we recommend purchasing the following below, among other things, first.

  1. Bed or mattress for sleeping
  2. Pillows and blankets for sleeping
  3. Alarm clocks to wake you from your sleep
  4. Closet organizers and drawers for your clothing and other belongings
  5. Clothes hangers for more delicate pieces of clothing, such as suits or dresses
  6. Bookshelves for your books and other study material
  7. Tables or desks, and chairs for studying and other purposes
  8. Desk lamps for reading and studying
  9. Surge protector for your electronics, and to reduce the risks of fire
  10. Fan in case it gets too hot
  11. Trash cans for your rubbish