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As per the inaugural Education survey conducted by Wall Street Journal/Times, USC is ranked to be nation’s No. 15. Sources claim that more than 1,000 US colleges and universities were considered upon this ranking. Interestingly, only three Californian institutes were qualified to be among the top 25 as per this ranking; USC, Caltech and Stanford University. As per the same ranking, USC is ranked to be the 3rd best institution in the western US region.

This particular ranking system contains a comprehensive and effective strategy. Such strategy has adequate facilities to determine very important and practically influential aspects such as:

Considering the facts mentioned above, USC’s highest ever ranking works as a guarantee of its significant development in all the essential aspects.

Diversity of the environment

On top of the overall ranking, USC has achieved another significant achievement concurrently; when it comes to environment factor, it is ranked to be the 2nd among the best 25 nationwide universities. This particular ranking was done determining the diversity of the students and the faculty.

C.L. Max Nikias, USC President, says that the authorities of the university mainly focused on the developments and the diversification of the student body during the recent years. He further states that they wanted their student body to represent the whole US and the globe simultaneously. “A large portion of the credit of acquiring such impressive rank in terms of diversity scores should go to the Trojan Family,” Max further stated. According the USC’s President, such ranking is a clear indication of the perfect blend of academic excellence and inclusion of the institute.

Upcoming accomplishments

Apart from the diversity, USC has portrayed an exceptional strength in terms of its solid and satisfactory outcomes. Sources say, that USC shows an impressive development when it comes to the graduation rate and access to high salary occupations; remarkable loan repayment (nationwide) capacity is another positive indication.

The authorities of the institute are rightly delighted after observing the high success rates of the students. The overall performance of the students after their respective graduations has been remarkable over the recent years as per the sources. When analyzing the impressive progression of USC, it can be effortlessly predicted that it is going to be among the top most institutes in the whole country sooner than one would assume.

The recent success of USC looks to be permanent and the authorities of the institute are eagerly performing in order to accomplish more impressive goals. In fact, USC’s success has become a delight for the students in the Western region.